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Lemond Gallery BIG Summer Show

The annual summer show by the leading specialist in contemporary fine art in Scotland The Lemond Gallery, Glasgow. Featuring alongside the most prominent names in ...

Gallery Q, Dundee

Originally established in Dundee’s historic Nethergate as the Queen’s Gallery in 1999, Gallery Q Dundee has an enviable reputation for being one of Scotland’s leading ...

The Winds of Change

I don’t like to show off because I am from the West of Scotland where it is outlawed. That’s why you will always find ...

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John Martin Fulton - Scottish Expressionist Artist

Bursting with colour, character, warmth and wonder,  Fulton’s work will resonate in the heart of anyone who considers themselves a child of Scotland..”

J M Fulton is an award-winning Scottish artist whose paintings are full of bold colour and expression. He trained at Glasgow School of Art and is inspired by the heritage of modern Scottish painting. He believes in expressing ‘Scottishness’ in painting as part of the tradition of European Expressionism. He has previously been awarded a scholarship to study in Florence from the Royal Scottish Academy and lives and works in the East End of Glasgow.

The iconography of Scotland is given a youthful twist in Fulton’s work.  His paintings function as charming, fantastical tributes to the country and its culture, as well as fearlessly emotional celebrations of children and childhood.

His rural settings are familiar ones – pine forests at sunset, Highland cattle on the hillside – but given a jolt of vitality through a bold and exciting colour palette. Punchy reds, greens and blues enliven vibrant landscapes buzzing with as much energy as the youthful figures that inhabit them. – John McNee, Editor with The Herald Group.