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Oil on canvas

46cm X 61cm (18” X 24”)


The Daffodil Girls


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‘The Daffodil Girls’ is painted using oil on canvas. It is medium sized and painted onto an artist’s quality stretcher. The colour of the paint is rich and bright. In some parts the paint is very visibly thick and impasto. All over the canvas the artist’s brushstrokes and palette knife work are clearly visible. The painting is framed in a high quality, hand-made off-white frame made to fit by Artist Surfaces in Anniesland, Glasgow.

This piece was inspired by my love of children and the young; how full of hope they are for a better future.I  have always adored the paintings of The Glasgow Boys artists who, in the 19th century, painted children in rural Scotland working and living in the land. I paint from imagination but this genre (which I call ‘pastoral portraits’ is always in my mind). In this piece I wanted to paint children in a field of flowers. I paint children because they can exist with nature in a different way and they can be beautiful on a canvas without any of the problems of an adult on a painting. I paint an imaginary Scotland rather than any real place and that allows me to follow my feeling and artist’s instinct.