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ORIGINAL PAINTING Oil on canvas 46cm X 61cm (18” X 24”)

Two Boys in Kilts


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‘Two Boys in Kilts’ is medium sized oil painting on canvas stretcher. The colour of the paint is rich and bright. In some parts the paint is very visibly thick and impasto. All over the canvas that the artist’s brushstrokes and palette knife work can clearly be seen. Since art school I have been rather obsessed with a singular Scottish tradition in art and how it fits with the other European countries. It might be that there is Northern European angst (maybe from living in cold dark country) but also a celebration of colour shared with the other Gaels of France. In this work I was exploring these ideas while trying to bring forth from my imagination some children from this imaginary Scotland. I always try to imbue my paintings with feeling and humanity in the faces of the people and in the way I express myself in working and scraping and brushing the paint. Only a few months after painting this I realised it reminded me of a picture of me and my brother.